Geo-strategic Location of Gwadar

Gwadar holds significant strategic importance due to its geographical location and its role in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar’s strategic location reshapes international trade, providing an essential link between the Arabian Sea (Gwadar port) and China (Kashgar). As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, it offers an alternative trade route, reducing dependence on traditional paths and influencing global trade patterns. Gwadar port is a natural world class Deep-Sea-Port having deepest Berth of 14.5 meters capable to accommodate large vessels of up-to 70,000 DWT. (Planned expansion – Phase-II may go up-to 20 meters)

      Gwadar’s Strategic Role in

         Pakistan’s Economic Growth

Gwadar plays a key role in boosting Pakistan’s economy by promoting growth, creating employment opportunities, and enhancing infrastructure. Gwadar is a vital economic engine for Pakistan, driving development, creating jobs, and improving infrastructure

Positioned strategically, the Gwadar Port is located 533 km from Karachi, 120 km from Iran, and 380 km from Oman. Situated at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, it is strategically placed along major shipping routes.

Mega Projects of Gwadar

Mega projects of Gwadar entail :

  1. Gwadar Free Zone North (Phase 11),
  2. Gwadar Safe City Project
  3. New Gwadar International Airport
  4. 300MW Coal-Fired Power project
  5. Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan
  6. Gwadar Tourism Project
  7. New management model of Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute (PCT & VI)
  8. State of Art Shipyard Project
  9. Oil Refinery project
  10. Green Gwadar Project
  11. Pak-China Friendship Hospital
  12. Gwadar Port dredging project
  13. Export-oriented projects
  14. Fish Landing Jetty and Fisherman Boat Making Industry
  15. Warehouse industry
  16. Gwadar Huafa Exhibition and Trading Center
  17. East Bay Express Way Expansion
  18. 5MGD Water Desalination Plant
  19. 1.2 MGD Desalination Plant
  20. Necessary facilities of fresh water treatment, water supply and distribution

Exclusive Tax-Free Facility

The largest FREE ZONE area of more than 923 hectares available to accommodate Bonded Warehousing, Manufacturing, International Purchasing, Transit and Distribution, Transshipment, Commodity Display and Supporting Services (Business Office, Customs, Financial, Information, Hotel, restaurant, entertainment, medical etc.)