Canadian City Gwadar

Canadian City Gwadar is known for its accomplishments and continuous development as per the need of community. It is spread over 346 Acres, approved NOC by GDA (Gwadar +Development Authority) and listed in the “A” category of Gwadar Master Plan Phase 1. Canadian City Gwadar is located on Main Mand Avenue which is situated near deep sea port that carries immense importance.  Canadian City offers residential and commercial plots. located at the heart of Gwadar.

It aims to provide a housing society on international standards. It further strives to complete the development of project within stipulated time frame given by GDA. Gwadar carries massive importance due to its collabsoration with CPEC.

Our Mission

At Canadian City Gwadar, we’re committed to creating a thriving community with quality housing, security, and economic opportunities. Aligned with Gwadar’s vision, we embrace sustainability, transparent governance, and cultural diversity. Our mission is to provide exceptional real estate services that empower individuals and businesses, ensuring integrity and professionalism in every transaction.


In the heart of Gwadar, we envision the Canadian City as a vibrant, inclusive, ideal and affordable society where residents from diverse backgrounds are welcomed to experience high-class living standards.


Integrated Infrastructure Development

Creating a well-planned and well-constructed infrastructure to attract residents and investors.

Investment Promotion

Encouraging local and international investors to invest in the development, contributing to economic growth.

Community Building

Establishing a community with residential, commercial, and recreational spaces to create a cohesive and thriving environment.

Employment Opportunities

Providing employment opportunities through the development’s construction phase and ongoing maintenance.

Market Share Expansion

Targeting growth through market expansion and strategic partnerships, the company aims to increase its market share for sustained industry strength.

Positive Corporate Culture

Through teamwork and employee well-being, the company nurtures a positive culture, attracting talent and ensuring adaptability in challenging situations.

Networking and Relationship Building

We are thriving to build and maintain strong relationships with other real estate professionals, investors and lenders.Networking can lead to valuable opportunities, partnerships, and insights.

Smart City Solutions

Leveraging modern technology and smart city solutions to enhance efficiency, security, and connectivity within the development.

To become a Market Leader

By committing to innovation and customer satisfaction, the company aims to lead the market by delivering cutting-edge Services and promoting its brand effectively

Strengthen Customer Support

Prioritizing robust support systems and active feedback, the company seeks to build trust and loyalty, fostering a positive brand image



Pursuing excellence by setting high standards across all Business Operations.


Foster clear and effective communication


Hold individuals and management responsible


Our customer experience exceeds expectations


Through our trust and collaboration in each other, we can better support our customers


We build focused business relationships with quality and pride