The Geography of Gwadar is Its first Asset it links Pakistan at one hand with China through CPEC and on another flank with Central Asia and Russia in the west with Gulf State and in the South lies the Arabian sea which Connects all the world with Gwadar. The Wonderful People of Gwadar are Peaceful and Awaiting their Great Destinies. This Land which destroyed the army of Alexander the great on the way back to Babalon will in the future host a Global city of World Trade


Today in 2022 Rise of Gwadar is Inevitable the International Environment is quite Conducive for Gwadar to become Global Metropolitan. Provincial and Federal Governments are Keenly interested in Gwadar and Chinese along with other Friendly Nations are taking full interest and are Investing in Gwadar Heavily

South Asia’s biggest international Airport

  • New International Airport Gwadar is Under Construction which will Replace the Old international Airport (1934). with South Asia’s Biggest Airport having Profound Linkage with Gwadar.
  • Gwadar deep-sea Port is act as a transit Port which means Mother ships can transfer their load to smaller ships that can transfer it to shallow waters. This is very Cost Effective and Efficient.
  • 23 Functional Banks
  • 12 Hospitals and Clinics
  • Many Hotels and Motels
  • Industrial State
  • Down Town Commercial Hub
  • International Infrastructure


CPEC starts from China but, its geological and logical center lies in Gwadar. As part of CPEC China aims to connect Kashghar in the North-western region of China with Gwadar port in Balochistan via a land route comprising highways, railways, natural gas and oil pipelines.

CPEC is a mega-economic project that officially started in 2015 with $46 billion economic worth. Currently, its economic worth has reached $62 billion and is expected to exceed $70 billion.