1. New Gwadar International Airport: Expected Operation Sept 2023

A triumph of Pak-China Cooperation- largest airport of South Asia. The airport will be operated under open sky policy and will be developed under the guidance of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA).

2. Pak-China Friendship Hospital Expected Completion Date: October 2023

Pak-China Friendship Hospital in Gwadar is a state-of-the-art medical facility that not only provides free and high-quality treatment for the local residents but also offers employment opportunities to the coastal community. According to the official website of CPEC, the hospital is planned on 68 acres of land. As per the plan, the hospital consists of medical blocks, nursing and paramedical institutes, a medical college, central laboratory, and other allied facilities.

3. 300 MW Coal-Fired Power Project at Gwadar -Under Process:

The plant will provide low-cost energy with no capacity charges. The project aims at improving the reliability of local power supply, which would help gradually solve the problems in current economic development and urban construction in the Gwadar region, which are being restricted by the shortage of power.

4. 1.2 MGD Desalination Plant: 85% Civil work is completed, Functional

Reliable source for Clean drinking water for the resident of Gwadar. The project will be installed in Gwadar Free Zone to supply potable water to Old city area along with GPA requirement.

5. 5 MGD Water Desalination Plant – Under Process

Project aims to purify sea water and make it safe for usage by the people in Gwadar city. The project will be installed in Gwadar Free Zone to supply potable water to Old city area along with GPA requirement.

6. Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute at Gwadar

Creating state-of-the-art vocational and technical training institute in the port city of Gwadar. The project is completed and inaugurated. People of Gwadar are the main/fundamental stakeholder of Port City of Gwadar. Their participation in the operation & management of the deep-sea port, participation in industrial and commercial businesses, and in urbanization processes is key to all long-term developmental initiatives. This project is proposed to shape and enhance the skills of the active population of Gwadar to participate in the growth of the Port City.

7. Gwadar Eastbay Project:

Eastbay Expressway is the main artery of Gwadar Port through which the entire traffic of port will flow. The objective of Eastbay Expressway is to provide primary connectivity of the Port & its Free Zone with the network of National Highways for smooth logistic transportation of import, export, and transit goods.

8. Necessary facilities of fresh water treatment, water supply and distribution:

The project objectives to develop water transmission pipelines from Swad Dam and Shadi Kaur Dam to Gwadar city to meet the future water demand of the city.

Project is divided into Three Phases:

Phase-1, lying of pipelines from Swad Dam to Gwadar is completed.
Phase-II laying an additional pipeline from Shadi Khau Dam to Swad Dam is under construction.
Phase-III, Up-gradation of the water distribution system of Gwadar city will be commenced this year.

9. CPEC- Chapter 2

With the onset of industrialization in CPEC’s second phase, Pakistan is focusing on revitalizing its domestic infrastructure. With major projects like the multi-billion-dollar Main Line (ML)-1 railway initiative, the Gwadar Port expansion, and numerous mining telecommunications ventures set to materialize in the coming years. CPEC’s phase-II will be a crucial test of the management capabilities of those in leadership positions. Pakistan and China stand at a pivotal juncture in connecting the region, and despite potential opposition at home or abroad, it is vital to maintain the project’s momentum.

10. Gwadar Tax Free-Zone:

Gwadar will now be exempt from services and excise tax, and any tax on property transfers, a significant development for the district which is of immense importance in the region and slated to become a hub for investment in South Asia.