Exceptional Journey

Summary of Canadian City Gwadar’s Exceptional Journey Over the Past 18 Years:

Founding: The founder of the organization, Mr. Mushtaq Hussain Khokher, purchased the land and conducted extensive research and surveys with the support of a team that included Haji Mir Laal Bakhsh Baloch, top-class land engineers, and Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) experts to select the ideal location for investors. The chosen location is 32 feet above sea level.

Vision of Mr. Mushtaq: His vision is to provide a Canadian lifestyle to the community at an affordable price, allowing them to lead a luxurious life with all necessary facilities comparable to those of the upper class. He also donated land to Abrar-ul-Haq for the construction of Sahara Hospital.

Building Expertise and Client Base: Canadian City Gwadar has 100% ownership of the land with no disputes. It was the first housing society to submit topography to GDA and obtain clearance. Canadian City plots are insured and tailored for both residential and commercial purposes, meeting the unique needs of investors.

Reputation and Referrals: Through consistently delivering high-quality services, Canadian City has earned a reputation for excellence within the industry. Satisfied clients have begun referring others to Canadian City, resulting in a significant increase in new business opportunities.

Geographical Significance of Canadian City: Gwadar offers a profitable investment opportunity with a low-risk level, especially considering that Canadian City Gwadar is located on the Main Mand Avenue, a wide trade route connecting Pakistan and Iran’s Gwadar border. It is situated near the deep-sea port, making it of immense importance. Canadian City Gwadar has contributed 37 acres of land to GDA for the expansion of Main Mand Avenue and parking space.

Expansion of Land: Initially, we had a 310-acre NOC, but due to the expansion of Mand Avenue, some of the land was included in our project to meet the clients’ needs. We now have a 346-acre NOC.

Client Feedback: Over the years, numerous clients have successfully achieved their property goals and received timely updates and resolutions to their queries from Canadian City. The company does not use a file system; instead, they assign plot numbers to clients on the day of booking.

Leadership and Recognition: Throughout the years, Canadian City Gwadar has received recognition from various research institutions and Google itself for its credibility and cutting-edge performance, consistently ranking high in industry evaluations.

Success Stories: Through unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, expertise, innovation, and strategic expansion, Canadian City has experienced remarkable growth and established itself as a leading player in the business consultancy industry over the past 18 years.