CEO Message

With the assistance of my team and Gwadar experts, I have selected an ideal location for the Canadian City Gwadar. The reason for establishing the Canadian City society is to bring the Canadian lifestyle and all its associated facilities to a wider population, providing a luxurious living standard at an affordable cost that is not currently available in the area.

Mushtaq Hussain
Chief Executive Officer

Director Message

Our philosophy has consistently building relationships founded on trust and confidence, ensuring our customers continually choose to return to us. We remain steadfast in our commitment to guarantee your complete satisfaction throughout every step of the process. Furthermore, we wholeheartedly embrace your feedback as it assists us in enhancing our services, aiming to deliver nothing less than world-class standards.”

Thank you for your continued support and partnership!

Mr. Wahab Mushtaq

Director Marketing Message

To secure the future of your upcoming generation, take advantage of the opportunity to invest in Canadian City Gwadar through our easy installment plan, offering a profitable investment. In the near future, Gwadar and Canadian City Gwadar are poised to become a central hub of great importance. This is our first step, and time will demonstrate our commitment to provide a modern and luxurious lifestyle within your budget. The international standards and the future business center in Gwadar are now within your reach.

Col. Abid Siddique
Director Marketing