Canadian City Gwadar – The Concept

Canadian City Gwadar offers an international standard lifestyle and a highly promising investment opportunity. Its prime location, extensive list of features, facilities, and impressive infrastructure create an unbeatable combination. To top it all off, all property options are affordably priced, and the purchasing process is undeniably convenient. The potential offered by Gwadar as a regional hub for major trade and commercial activities.

Project Features

  • GDA approved, listed in “A” Category of  Gwadar Master Plan Phase 1

  • Situated on the Main Mand Avenue, a 328 feet wide primary trade route of (GABD) Pak-Iran Border

  • Ensures 100% land ownership
  • Offers a variety of property options, including residential and commercial plots
  • Promises an incredible international-standard lifestyle
  • Presents an endless list of modern facilities and up-to-date amenities
  • All sales and development reports are duly registered with the GDA

What Do We Offer

Residential Plots

5 & 6 MARLA

These plots will only become more valuable with age, so take advantage of today’s lower price tags to realize greater profits in the future.


The 10 Marla option will benefit a wide range of people once Gwadar reaches the magnificent potential that is predicted. You can anticipate returns beyond what you may have imagined.

1 & 2 KANAL

If you dream of owning a large, well-furnished house but lack the funds to buy one, you can make your dreams come true in Gwadar. With a modest investment in the coming years, you can have your splendid and fully furnished home.

Commercial Plots


A small business or outlet is a perfect fit for this option. Its stellar location promises excellent returns, and its manageable size means you won’t have to invest a fortune to secure it. This is a true win-win situation!


The 4 Marla commercial plot offers ample space for you to establish your business or outlet with a touch of luxury. Initiating your venture in the heart of Pakistan’s future business hub is no minor achievement and is bound to generate significant revenue.


Gwadar is poised to emerge as one of the largest commercial hubs in the near future, thanks to its outstanding deep-sea port, the boost from CPEC, and its excellent location. The city is poised to attract significant business opportunities. Consider investing in 8 Marla commercial plots to position yourself alongside commercial giants.

Location Advantages

CCG-Hub Of Opportunities

Canadian City Gwadar is located on Main Mand Avenue which is situated near deep sea port that carries immense importance. Take a look what opportunity you can avail in CCG:

  • Residential: Apartments & Buildings
  • Education: Educational & Training Institutes
  • Fuel and Services: Fuel Stations, Car parking, repairing
  • Health and Wellness: Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Stores
  • Shopping: Shopping Centers, Groceries and Convenience
  • Transportation: Transportation Services
  • Technology and Communication: Technology and Telecommunication Centers
  • Hospitality: Tourism and Hospitality Centers , Hotels
  • Finance: Banks & Insurance Companies
  • Events and Exhibitions: Exhibition Centers
  • Recreation: Sports, play grounds and Recreational Services
  • Facility Management Centers
  • Theme parks and Amusement Centers
  • Food: Restaurants, Cafes
  • Salons and Fitness Centers